Midlands Knee & Shoulder Controversies 2016


Shoulder Timetable

Thursday 19th May

  SESSION 1: Improving outcomes in shoulder surgery  
08:30 Bicepts tenodesis or tenotomy? Duncan Learmonth
08:45 Shoulder anterior stabilisation (Live cadaveric demo) Iain Packham
09:15 Arthroscopic cuff repair (Live cadaveric demo) Duncan Learmonth
09:45 AC Joint stabilisation Samir Massoud
10:00 Discussion  
10:15 Coffee  
  SESSION 2: Shoulder replacement  
10:35 ECLIPSE™ shoulder replacement (Live cadaveric demo) Will Thomas / Iain Packham
11:15 The sporting shoulder Doug Jones
11:45 Discussion  
12:15 LUNCH  
13:15 PHYSIOTHERAPY WORKSHOP: (1 x 60 mins)  
  Working outside the safe zone Doug Jones
13:15 SURGICAL WORKSHOPS: (2 x workshops 35 mins each)  
  Learning lessons from Journey BCI to BCII Smith & Nephew
  Case presentations  
  SESSION 4: Current concepts and controversies  
14:25 PROMS a learning tool Kirti Moholkar
14:35 PROMS here to stay Dan Wellings
14:45 How to address the patella Elvire Servien
14:55 Discussion  
15:25 Tea  
  SESSION 5: Knee controversies  
15:45 Low revision rates of MRK knee Simon Lewthwaite
15:55 The use of MRK in revision surgery and early results Chris Evans
16:15 BCS1–BCS 2 The Journey Dean Hughes
16:35 Discussion  
17:00 Closing Remarks Kirti Moholkar


Wednesday 18th - Timetable Knee Meeting

Timetable and timings subject to change.


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Martin Bell

Fabio Catani

Chris Evans

Robert Harvey

Dean Hughes

Doug Jones

Sudheer Karlakki

Duncan Learmonth

Simon Lewthwaite

Samir Massoud

Derek McMinn

Iain Packham

Saira Rehman

Alasdair Santini

Matthias Schmied

Gerd Seitlinger

Elvire Servien

William Thomas

Dan Wellings


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Course convenor: Kirti Moholkar


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